Gourd Sale on Labor day weekend, August 29 - Sept 1,

 Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon, And Monday,

  here at the farm.


Purchase singles or small to large bags of gourds. 

I have bagged all sizes of gourds such as 5"-7" kettles, Tobacco box, Canteens.  Some bags are $25.  You just get a bag full and get a discounted cost.

Sandlady's Gourd Farm welcomes you to browse around the gourd farm.  You tell me what you do with gourds and I can find the gourds to suit your creativity and ideas to turn gourds into your wildest imagination and dreams.  It only takes an idea and go to it with gourds I have grown that includes great shapes.

 tobacco box, Kettles, bombers. pear, teardrop, spinners, and seeds.

Let me know if you want a box of gourds for painting or wood burning, etc.

Also, I have a lot of mini types good for ornaments, necklaces and or pins, etc. 


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Gourds.  Gourds at Sandlady's Gourd Farm.

  10295 N 700 W Tangier, In 47952. 

 Phone 765-498-5428. 

Come see variety of gourds I have to offer.  I like to know what you do with gourds and this helps me pick out what you need.

Here is a special deal.

    Small   box of prepacked gourds for ornaments, painting, woodburning, etc. Contains 20 - 25.  Average size is 3 1/2 inches wide and about that high.  $35.00 including s&h.  

one of these gourds cost $2 to $3 each.

1. For $35.00, you can get 20 - 25 mini gourds
round with tip or neck, pear shapes, teardrop shapes,
 round. candy kiss,  etc. Average size is 3" to 3 1/2"
great for jewelry, necklaces, earrings, ornaments, spinners, etc.

1. 100 unclean Tennessee spinners $25 plus s&h ($8) - Average size 1" to 1 1/2".

2. 100 clean Tennessee spinners $50 includes s&h - Average size 1" to 1 1/2"

  3.  25 average size 4" -  $49.00   plus s&h.
  4  30 gourds - $89average sizes 5" s&h is included.
     small kettles and tobacco box, canteen .  cleaned.


Canteen gourds average size 6"-8"  $4.00 each
or 20 for $60.00 plus s&h.
small canteen gourds 5"-6"  3.00 each
or 25 $2.00 each
You can send a check or go to paypal.com and pay using my email address sandlady@sandlady.com


Check out my favorite links out at bottom of page.
Check out sales and new store down a little ways on this page.
Feel free to send me an email with questions or custom order.

Feel free to email me with your custom order and I can give you a quote.

These spinners, pears, teardrops, ornaments and bombers include s&H.

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The gourds listed below do not include S&H





round and some flat top
Bushel or Pumpkin Gourds

Round flat top


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Round flat top clean

Canteen Gourds 6"-7" wide
Small Gourd Bowls like this shape
3" - 4"
3" - 4"

Medium Gourd Bowls  like this shape

Canteen Bowls

5" - 6" wide 4" high
5" - 6" wide 4" high
I cut pieces in  different shapes for necklaces and pins.

50 cents each or check deals below. 
Shapes are diamond, rectangle, large and small and other shapes.

Gourd jewelry pieces
Gourd jewelry pieces





Website http://www.sandlady.com
Email @ sandlady@sandlady.com


Come see Sandlady's Gourd Art Museum






  1. HOW TO PAY...
  1. Click on PayPal or and also Call me (765-498-5428) or send check or go to this link at PayPal
    http://www.paypal.com  You may need to sign in with a password. Or I can send you a PayPal invoice that you can click on and finish going into PayPal.

  2. PayPal is the safest way in the world to pay.  Just go to their sight and click on the tab that says 'send money'.  When it ask you to whom, type in my email address sandlady@sandlady.com.  there is a place to write what you are buying and how much...or ask me to send you a PayPal invoice and then you go to PayPal to pay.  Not as confusing as it sounds.

Gourd Sale on Labor day weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon, And Monday,  here at the farm.

  These are dry now.    

Gourd Chart




Coming soon! Indiana Gourd Show at the Lebonon, In.  North of Indianapolis  April  2015   at the Fairgrounds south of SR 32 and just to the east of I-65
This is a great show. 


Illinois Gourd Show at Botanic Gardens North Chicago in Sept 20-21.

 Ohio Gourd Show at Deleware County Fairgrounds in late Oct 3 - 4

Covered Bridge Festival here in Parke County, Rockville, In.  middle two weeks of Oct. 
Starts second friday and ends ten days later on Sunday.

Gifford Christmas show at the Gordyville building in November 22-23.  This is a beautiful Christmas Show with 300 booths. Located 1/2 mile west of Gibson, Il. in the Gordyville bld on south side of highway.

New...Nov 1 - 2, Indiana Fall Gourd Show in northern Indiana Lake County  Fairgrounds
located west of US SR 41


Sandlady sporting her gourd hat!

I have a barn (some call gourd haven)...lots of shelves full of gourds.
When people walk into the barn and see all those gourds they feel they are in gourd heaven.


Helen Thomas (Sandlady)
Sandlady's Gourd Farm
10295 N 700 W
Tangier, In. 47952
email: sandlady@sandlady.com

You can  send a check or go to pay Pal and pay.


Next year 2015 Indiana Gourd show is
April  at Lebonon, In. fairgrounds north of Indianpolis.

I will be selling raw gourds. 

Nov third weekend 2014  Gibson City, Il.Novemer 22 = 23 at the Gordyville building just 1/2 mile west of stop light on SR 136
This is an awesome Christmas Show.  Over 300 booths displaying homemade art and crafts
I can bring your orders with me.
Gibson State Bank Christmas show at Gordyville building on SR 136.
This is a real high end show.  It attracts people from Chicago



Best of the Best deals for gourd seeds

Choose any pack for $3  including s&h.

Kettle Seeds

$2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Martin Seeds $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Basket              $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Watermelon (oblong) Seeds $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Apple Seeds $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Zukka Seeds   $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Vase type Seeds $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Canteen Seeds $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h
Tobacco Box $2.00 plus $1.00 s&h

African Wine Kettle (lg )Seeds

$2.00 plus $1.00 s&h

choose 10 packs and pay only $15.00 including S&H.
Send check or cash to
Helen Thomas,
Sandlady's Gourd Farm
10295 N 700 West
Tangier, In. 47952

Call 765-498-5428


Come to the farm all year and make selections from thousands of gourds & Seeds.
 You can also order by phone, email me (sandlady@sandlady.com) and I  ship by UPS or P.O. Send your address and phone number.


Come to the farm and personally pick your choice of gourds.

I ship quality gourds. I usually put in extra in case one breaks. 
I want my customers to be happy and that is usually the case.

If I help you get the gourds you want, then you will get what you need and I get what I need. You tell me what you do with gourds and I will find the unique gourds you need for your projects. I hope to give you an education in growing gourds and crafting gourds this year

We have hard –shell Kettle, Bushel, African Kettle, Bottle, Tobacco,
small hard-shell for ornaments and containers, etc such as bottle and sennari.
Thick hard shell gourds with flat bottoms sandy blond color when cleaned.
Buy Clean.


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 Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas


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